A Magazine for Those
Who Like the Unusual

A Magazine for Those Who Like the Unusual


ceauto GmbH, an Austro-Hungarian media company, is proud to present Rare & Unique Vehicles.

Rare & Unique Vehicles is an exciting new quarterly magazine, which aims to show and interpret the rarest and the most unique vehicles from the world of classic motoring.

Each issue will focus on a central theme, followed by a few anniversary-related features and a “Spin the Globe” section, which is a unique column, featuring unusual and interesting cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and other various transportation vehicles from around the world.

The first issue has been published in December, 2020! You can check out the Table of Contents here. and place your subscription! Alternatively you can access the magazine on Readly.

Rare & Unique Vehicles has been introduced by Zwischengas, PreWarCar.com, Marque2Market, AustroClassic, Auto und Modell, Motor Journal, Veterán Autó és Motor, Mobilisti and other publications.

Following our first issue, we received rave reviews from many readers:
“First issue is terrific”
”What a marvellous and interesting magazine you have created”
“The thoroughness of the content is just superb”

Digital version of the second issue has been published on 12 March, 2021. You can check out the Table of Contents. Alternatively you can access the magazine on Readly. Paper version was released on 26 March. You can order your copy in our shop!

Forthcoming issues will feature Pre-War Coachbuilding, Custom Vehicles and “Alternative” as central themes.

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