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Rare & Unique Vehicles is the brainchild of Dr Pál Négyesi, a Hungarian-born motoring historian, author, lecturer and museum professional, and Mátyás Torsa, a Hungarian-born art director.

Dr Pál Négyesi
Editor-in-Chief, Author

Dr Pál Négyesi (47) currently resides in Austria. He has been writing about cars for 28 years. He’s the author of several books on the history of Hungarian motoring and other topics in Hungarian, English and German. He’s also a lecturer at the Óbuda University in Budapest at a classic car restoration course.

His PhD thesis, “How The Motor Museum Saw The Automobile: Curating The Automobile As Commodity, As Design And As Social History In Germany And Austria In The 20th Century – From National Identity To Mobility” was completed in 2019.
Since 2015 Pál is a member of the organising committee at the Balatonfüred Concours d’Elegance in Hungary.

In 2017 Pál received a St. Christopher’s Merit of Cross from the Hungarian Automobile Club for his services to the Hungarian classic car community. His websites include,,

Mátyás Torsa
Art Director

Mátyás Torsa (44) is a Hungarian-born freelance art director, currently lives in Scotland.

He has been creating adverts, communication campaigns, books, magazines, websites, apps and other creative materials for over 25 years.

Needless to say, he is a classic car enthusiast and a true petrolhead.

Our team consists of classic vehicle experts, authors and museum professionals from all over the world.

David Cooper
Automotive Historan,

David Cooper is an automotive historian and an award-winning restorer specializing in rare and valuable pre-WW2 European coach-built cars.

Cooper founded Cooper Technica in 1989, whose workshops are recognized for their commitment to authenticity, based on meticulous historical research, provenance and context, preservation of original components and innovative use of period materials and techniques.

Nataša Grom Jerina
President of the FIVACC,
Secretary of the Motorcycle Comission,
Author & Editor

Nataša Grom Jerina is President of the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens Culture Commission and Secretary of the Motorcycle Commission. She is the editor of Avto Motor Classic magazine in Slovenia. She is also in charge of public relations at the Grom Motorcycle Museum, one of the most prominent motorcycle museums in Europe, set up by her father, Petja Grom. The Grom Motorcycle Museum is located in Vransko, Slovenia.

Steve Hole
Car Journalist

Steve Hole (57) is one of the UK’s leading specialist car journalist and is a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers. He founded totalkitcar in 2001 and TKC Mag in 2003 and had previously worked for various kit and specialist car titles since the mid-eighties.

He is the author of several kit car-flavoured books and is currently working on a book on the history of the Caterham Seven and Caterham Cars, plus another on Marcos, while the second edition of his A-Z of Kit Cars is nearing completion.

Luis Pallas
Retired Engineer,
Researcher & Restorer

Luis Pallás is a retired Engineer after working in food industry projects for more than 40 years. Now he dedicates his time to rebuilding some old, low-value vehicle, easy to revive and, above all, researching the automotive industry in Spain in the dark years of Franco’s dictatorship, especially the microcars of the 1950s. Collaborate with some articles in the magazine of a specialised Spanish club of which he is a member.

Nicolas Meunier
Automotive Journalist, Chief Editor
of the Magazine Génération Sans Permis

Nicolas Meunier is a French automotive journalist, chief editor of the Magazine Génération Sans Permis, among other collaborations. He loves anything has wheels and was mad enough to get in a road-trip between Paris and Portugal in a tiny Ligier JS 50, with a top speed of 45 km/h.

Jeremy Risdon
Automotive Historian,
Editor of the Pomchi Book series,

Jeremy Risdon is the editor of the Pomchi Book series that attempts to catalogue every make and model of car, van and light truck produced. He is currently working on the fifth volume of the series that has so far concentrated on Japanese vehicles. He is a member of The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain.

Paul Schilperoord
Industrial Designer,
Automotive Historian,
Writer and Journalist

Paul Schilperoord is an industrial designer, writer and journalist specialising in technology, innovation and automotive history. He is the author of several books in Dutch and English, including ‘The Extraordinary Life of Josef Ganz – The Jewish Engineer Behind Hitler’s Volkswagen’ (2012), based on many years of research into the forgotten pioneer of small car design Josef Ganz.

Ken Gross
Author, Curator,
Chief Class Judge

Former Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, Ken Gross is a 30-year Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Chief Class Judge, a member of the Selection Committee and he curates the historic hot rod and racing car classes. He is a member of ICJAG, the International Chief Judges’ Advisory Group. Ken’s classic, Art Deco and streamlined car exhibitions have appeared at major North American Fine Art Museums.

The author of twenty-four books on automobiles, Ken has received the Automotive Hall of Fame Distinguished Service Citation, the International Motor Press Association’s Ken W. Purdy award, the Motor Press Guild’s Dean Bachelor Award and the Lee Iacocca award.

Dmitriy Dashko
Automotive Historian,
Founder of the Automobile Archive Fund

Dmitriy Dashko is a Russian automotive historian. Founder and head of the Automobile Archive Fund. Author of six books about Soviet cars, including an encyclopedia of Russian speed record cars.

Paul d'Orléans
Author, Photographer,
Guest Curator at the Petersen Automotive Museum (Los Angeles)

Paul d’Orléans (58) is best known for his website He is an author of many books on motorcycle culture and history, including ‘Ton Up!’ (2020) and ‘The Chopper: the Real Story’ (2015), and regularly contributes to magazines worldwide.

He is Guest Curator at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, where his world’s-first exhibits include ‘Electric Revolution’ and ‘Custom Revolution’. He is also an alternative-process photographer, and his book of wet plate/collodion images ‘Cannonball’ will be published in 2021. Paul lives in San Francisco and Las Animas, Mexico.

Tobias Baldus
Automotive Historian
and Journalist

Tobias Baldus is an automotive historian and journalist specialising in Minimal Motoring. Being a keen collector, he can draw from his archive of period photo- graphs, sales literature and documents about the history of cyclecars and microcars and the individuals behind them. Besides writing and giving speeches, he is currently working on a monograph about Egon Brütsch. Tobias lives in Berlin and is a member of The Association of Automotive Historians in Germany.

Tibor Ács
Transport Engineer
and Specialist Journalist

Tibor Ács is a transport engineer and specialist journalist. He writes about fork- lifts, boats, trucks and old cars as well. He also has a driving and/or operating licence for each one. He is specialising in special and rare cars, and he has the driven countless exclusive cars from the Melkus RS1000 through the Mercedes C111 to the Pagani Zonda.

He is a fan of classic cars – the first car of his life was an NSU Prinz – but not with a Wankel engine.

Thomas Ulrich
Automotive Historian,

Thomas Ulrich (66) is a German automotive historian interested in smaller German makes and the early races up to 1905. He was co-author with his late brother Michael on the book about the Paris Madrid race 1903. “Das größte Rennen aller Zeiten” The Grade cyclecar was always one of the dream cars. But he never had the opportunity to become an owner of this wonderful vehicle. Together with Anders Ditlev Clausager, he organised the Pan European Conference for Automotive history 2017 in Mulhouse and 2019 in Den Haag. They are already working on the third Pan European Conference for Automotive history 2022 in Torino/Italy.

Karl Ludvigsen
Automotive Historian,
Author & Editor

Karl Ludvigsen has been active for over 60 years as an author and historian. As an author, co-author, or editor, he has more than five dozen books to his credit. Five of his books have won the Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot Award from the Society of Automotive Historians, which in 2002 gave him its highest accolade, Friend of Automotive History.

Ludvigsen’s career has included Car and Driver’s editorship, a dozen years in the auto industry with General Motors, Fiat and Ford, and 15 years as the head of a leading motor-industry management consultancy. Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 1934, Ludvigsen has lived in England since 1980. In addition to his work as an author and historian, he contributes to leading periodicals and websites.

Libor Kiss
Associate editor, Author,
Member of the Balatonfüred Concours d'Elegance Comittee

Libor Kiss hails from the Czech Republic. He is an associate editor of CEAutoclassic, our own website focusing on Central and East European motoring history. He is also a member of the Balatonfüred Concours d’Elegance organisation committee in Hungary.

Gautam Sen
Consultant, Author,
Founder Editor

Author of several automotive books, Gautam Sen, has been the founder editor of India’s four leading automobile magazines (Indian Auto, Auto India, and Indian editions of BBC TopGear, Auto Motor & Sport). He has also consulted with most of the Indian auto majors and has worked on product development with several leading car designers such as Gérard Godfroy, Tom Tjaarda and Marcello Gandini, among others.

Jeroen Booij
Author, Publisher
& Researcher

Jeroen Booij (45) was trained to become a publisher and did so, but preferred tinkering with cars. With a real soft spot for the automobile underdog, he started writing about kit cars and one-offs in the 1990s, soon focussing on vehicles that use the Mini’s mechanicals. It led to three books under the Maximum Mini banner. During his researches, several long-lost vehicles were rediscovered. Among them was a whole string of one-offs including Gordon Murray’s IGM Minbug, the Zagato Mini Gatto, Aurora GT, Boro GT and Micron GT trio of Quasar Unipowers and the 1966 Le Mans Mini Marcos that had been stolen in Paris in 1975 and missing since. The Goggomobil Dart was ‘bycatch’ when on the lookout for an Ogle SX1000 in Switzerland.

Jeroen is married and lives near Arnhem in The Netherlands with three children and a cat.

Dimitri Urbain
Freelance Automotive Writer

Dimitri Urbain is a freelance automotive writer specialising in cars and design history. Dimitri has a soft spot for aerodynamic cars: Panhard, early Saabs or Tatras. Not to mention Lotus, Alfa or MG. He is a serial collector of cars, magazines, automotive books, models and brochures. Over the last 25 years, he worked with many classic cars magazines and wrote four books about cars.

Alessandro Sannia
Automotive History Expert,
Freelance Journalist, Author

Alessandro Sannia was born in Turin in 1974, and he is 100 percent dedicated to cars. Graduated in Architecture,he has been obsessed with and an expert on automobiles’ history all his life. He is one of the major experts of Fiat automobiles and Italian fuoriserie coachbuilding. He works as a freelance journalist with several national and foreign publications, and he is the author of numerous books with the Società Editrice Il Cammello and other major publishers. He is also a scale-models enthusiast and collector and produces some of them, under the brand Officina 942.

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