Rare & Unique Vehicles No 2




The second issue of Rare & Unique Vehicles features “Diminutive” as its central theme with 26 articles focusing on small-, mini- and microcars.

Table of Contents

  • Editor’s Letter
  • News
  • Diminutive
    • America: Spacke Cyclecar Prototype
    • Germany: Feels Like Flying – Hans Grade and His Cars
    • Germany: Engelbert Zaschka & His Folding Car
    • Germany: Maikäfer, Flieg! – The Life and Works of Josef Ganz
    • Germany: An Automotive Wonderland – 1950s One-Offs
    • Germany/Czech Republic: „Repeat Offenders”
    • France/UK: Moving Boutique – Quasar Unipower
    • France: Driving Freely – The Origins of „Voiture Sans Permis”
    • Before the Isetta – Post-War Italian Microcars
    • Italian Freedom – Casalini Sulky II (1976)
    • Austria: Austro-Daimler „Sascha” – Porsche’s Jewel for the Masses
    • Austria: From Sidecars to Microcars – Felber Autoroller
    • United Kingdom: Who Needs Three Wheels? – Opperman Unicar
    • Switzerland: Belcar – The Plastic Egg
    • Born in Isolation – Post-war Spanish Microcars
    • Post-War Hungarian Microcars
    • Freed From the Eagle – Czechoslovak Cyclecars
    • Czechoslovak Ingenuity – Post-War Czechoslovak Microcars
    • Romania: From Jetpack to Electric Bikes – Life of Justin Capră
    • Soviet Squirrel – Byelka A50 – Designers Against Manufacturers
    • Land of the Rising Sandal – Japanese Microcars of the 1940s and 1950s
    • Japanese K-Cars: Sports & Performance Pioneers
    • China: The Small Leap Forward – Micro- and Minicars in Shanghai
    • India: Sailing With the Clouds – SAIL Badal
    • Australia: Dart Desire – Goggomobil Dart
    • Personal Endeavors – Home-Made Minicars From All Around the World
  • Anniversaries
    • 100-Year of the Harper Runaboutc -Let’s get moving!
    • Jeep Fleetvan FJ-3 – An On-Roader
  • “Spin the Globe”
    • Crossbreed – Jaguar XK150S „Tow Car”
    • Art Deco At Its Best – Majestic – the motomobile
    • Start, a Fiberglass-Bodied Soviet Minibus
    • Raoul Thiébaut and the Zelensis : plastic is fantastic !

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